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Venetian Plaster - depth and texture

Venetian plaster is, admittedly, my favourite of all my techniques. Because of its extreme versatility, it lends itself to an endless flow of creativeness. Feature walls add an abundance of texture, warmth, and interest.

It is truly amazing what adding a bit of texture or interest to a wall can do for the complete impression of your home. Venetian plaster, if applied correctly, can be polished to such a luxurious shine that it appears to be a wall of stone. I can apply it to appear to have a wood-like appearance, or texture it to look like clouds.

Venetian plaster is not a faux finish. It is it's own application and material, and is the real thing!

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian Plaster is an ancient building material which originated with lime and marble. The resulting plaster can be brought up to a high polish, low polish or a matte finish. It can be smooth to the touch or have a granular texture, depending on the product you choose to use.

The term Venetian Plaster can also refer to the method of application. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Originally, they were strictly used for the protection of structures.

The Venetians took it to another level. They used natural pigment to add a decorative touch to both interior and exterior applications.

Essentially, the trained applicator is only limited by their imagination. Venetian Plaster is a very high-end finish. Some applications can be costly, others not so bad depending on your finish of choice. However, once the decision has been made, you will love your "one of a kind" Venetian Plaster finish.

In today’s market, there are also some very beautiful, durable and versatile synthetic products available. It's a highly sought after product, finish and method of application because of it's durability, beauty, originality, and diversity.

The Urban Wall in Saskatoon specializes in faux finishing, decorative painting and venetian plaster applications to create elegant, original and distinctive interior finishes for your home or business.